X100s: disappointing performance vs Panasonic GX1

Started Apr 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
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X100s: disappointing performance vs Panasonic GX1

Hi Folks,

I recently acquired an X100s and I think I'm missing something - so far I've found:

  • The user interface is clunky - coming from shooting mostly with a Ricoh GRD and a Panasonic GX1, even with the "Q Menu" I find I spend much more time fooling around with menus and pressing the "view mode" button than with my other digital cameras.
  • The autofocus is slow in both good and poor light. In the same conditions, my GX1 with the 14mm pancake lens nails focus almost instantly and my 25mm is even faster. The X100S hunts, doesn't lock and simply locks on the wrong thing far too often. 
  • It's not very responsive - I keep it turned on and bring it to my eye to wake with the press of the shutter button and then take my shot. This seems to take ages, particularly with the Hybrid EVF - it takes one press to "wake it up" and a second press to engage the hybrid viewfinder then another press to actually take the picture - OK for landscapes but bad for moving kids! Again, GX1 is almost instantly ready to shoot from standby and power-off.
  • It regularly gets exposure wrong in all metering modes, indoors and outdoors I've had it overexpose and underexpose pretty easy to read scenes.

More subjectively, I was surprised to find it much lighter than it appeared (didn't realize it was a metal-look plastic shell?) and I found I missed the slight additional weight and better handgrip of the GX1. On the plus side, the hybrid OVF is very cool but mostly because the EVF is laggy and low resolution compared to the ones from Panasonic. The image quality is also very good but not an appreciable improvement over what I get out of a GX1.

I'm not sure if I've got a bad copy but for a $1,300 camera I find almost every aspect of it to be worse than the now $279 GX1 and a $250 pancake lens which offer a faster and arguably more flexible experience.

Having just noticed the newly announced APS-C sensor Ricoh GR Digital, I'm strongly inclined to return this X100S and see how I fare with the GR.

Sorry for the grumble - just a little disappointed in what promised to be a great little camera. Any words of advice? Might I have a bad copy?


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