Need help deciding between the Sony NEX 6 or the Olympus OMD EM5?

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Re: Problem with lens?

Jorginho wrote:

Personally, I'm tired of talking about the fanboy-ish nature of many m43ers, their insecurity that APS-C mirrorless competition will make them irrelevant, which then manifests as relentless politicking against other systems (particularly the price-competitive NEXs)... and this now-perpetuated Big Lie that 1) m43 lenses are all great, 2) the NEX lenses all suck, and 3) and there are lots of m43 lenses while there are no NEX lenses.
I think the proof lies in the pudding.

You can look for yourself and see what looks better.  Or conclude that there is no significant difference whatsoever.

Insecurity? Whichever fanboy told you that, which m43 user told you that he/she was "insecure"?The system is doing fine.

I never came across the hyperbole about lenses, but this is the general feeling on the m43 forum:

- The lens lineup of m43 lenses is much more complete and there are more excellent lenses than you'll find in the NEX system.

In general, if I look at the reviews, this is correct. Also, there are very weathersealed lenses, therre are very good macro lenses, there are native telezooms with a 600 mm reach that you cannot have currently on the NEX. Also many mFT lenses tend ot be very good if not excellent wide open. This is all true.

Pro's on the OMD:
- weathersealing and dustsealing
- 5 AXIS IBIS (every lens is stablized!), very good stablisation also in video
- touchscreen is very nice to have, not necessary
- more telezoom, nice for macro and to have more reach
- Very fast and accurate autofocus, probably the fastest out there
- Excellent JPEgs straight out of the camera

Pro on the Sony:
- Like the ergonomics a lot better (nice grip)
- Small body
- Easier to create a shallow depth of field
- Somewhat better sensor still
- Wifi
- Better video mode
- Focus peaking i svery nice for manual focussed lenses
- Adapter lets you use all Sony lenses and does PDAF, which make the cam good for wildlife, sport and birding

That is about what I can come up with.

I agree. I believe that m43 got rid of some troublemakers, and so did the Fuji group.

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