Here's my plan for 5D Mark III - does it make sense?

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Re: Here's my plan for 5D Mark III - does it make sense?

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Yes, my background is in photojournalism. Just found some old photos of Maggie Thatcher that I stuck on my site as a tribute!

This is the first time I have had a card 'corrupt'. It wouldn't go into the card reader or back into the camera (Nikon D300s) without demanding a format. I did format it, knowing I wasn't bothered about the photos on it. I was then able to recover all the photos (and some going back over a year!) within 30 mins using the Sandisk Rescue program that came with the card (Extreme 'normal'). Oddly, it is now demanding to be formatted again so I suspect the card is no longer trustworthy. When you have two card slots, you are less worried about such things.

Anyway, I have only the one camera body these days which is much more dangerous than just one card slot (at least two of everything IMO including flash and lenses). I have the option of continuing with Nikon (D600 or D800) or going back to Canon. I have fond memories of the T70 and T90 in the 1980s and I got on fine with the 20D during its day. Do I regret moving to Nikon? Yes, overall, but will I regret going back to Canon? I am afraid it is QC issues that put me off staying with Nikon, and it is mainly AF probs that have driven me crazy. However, I'm sure Canon users have their own grievances.

I was wondering why you would want to return to Canon right now, since Nikon actually has really better sensors, when I read about your focusing problems. Are those really more frequent with Nikon cameras ? I thought it was an issue due to PDAF in general and the fact that the D800 has more resolution will certainly make any problem more visible. Only CDAF systems are always spot on with the focus.

Personnally I'd have gone with Nikon if Canon didn't have the edge in sensors and IQ when I got my first DSLR in 2002 (a D60); I then updated to the FF 5D and again it was really a break through in 2004. With time I have accumulated a set of nice lenses and won't consider jumping ship. I passed on the 5D2 because I was rather too busy professionally (not in photography) for the update to make sense then. Thought that I'd get a 5D3, but it took a very long time to appear and when it finally arrived everything looked quite deceiving : no big improvement in IQ over the 5D2, improvements I didn't need (I'm not an action shooter and don't need high burst rate nor predictive AF), but instead it had got quite heavier. No thank you.

The 6D looks like a much better proposal in this respect : I like the fact it has a better IQ than my olding 5D, the new features like GPS and WIFI and the fact it is lighter. Too bad it didn't get the fully articulated LCD of the 60D.

I must say that since 2009 I'm also using mirrorless cameras. The E-M5 is a wonder I love it ! and I since I got it, I haven't used the 5D anymore. So it was a difficult question to decide whether I should sell all the Canon gear, or update the 5D to the 6D. It made no sense to keep an olding body in a cupboard. I finally decided to get the 6D because there aren't TSE lenses for mirrorless cameras and I have a project to shoot architecture for which i will need them. So finally I took the plunge after seeing a good deal and ordered a 6D. Hopefully it will arrive to-morrow  and I won't be deceived. After months of using the E-M5 which I love, I hope that the bulk of the 6D won't put me off too much.

But before jumping from Nikon to Canon I'd look at he Canon offering twice. Nikon sensors have the cutting edge right now.. So make sure that he Canon you want doesn't suffer from the same problems..

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Apparently, the focusing problems with the D800/800E are indeed terrible. Here is Ming Thein's "midterm reprot" on his experiences with the D800/800E.

Among other problems, he writes that he has found the camera's focusing to be so unreliable, even after extensive servicing by Nikon, that he only uses the D800/E in the studio, on a tripod, with Liveview, and with the mirror locked up. He says that under those limited circumstances the 800 produces spectacular image quality, but that it is no longer a camera he reaches for to take with him, that it misfocuses more often than it focuses correctly.

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