Which full frame Nikon body is safe to buy?

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All of them except D600

I would not hesitate to buy any FF Nikon except the D600

D3, D3S, and D700 are all exemplory bodies and unless you have an issue with 12mp then you can't go wrong with either

Going to new I think the D800 issues are basically solved.  I bought mine April 1st a year ago - no left AF issues or green LCD issues.  I did have inconsistent focus issues but the latest firmware seems to have fixed that.  The Left AF issue is easily determined so if some new ones still have it, it is easily detected.  If you buy from a reputable dealer you should have no problem returning it for another

D4 I think had some issues to a lesser degree but I would say nothing to be concerned with now

But the D600 I, personally would avoid.  Unless it has been determined that they are now being shipped oil / dust issue resolved.  Unlike the D800's left AF issue which you can determine if you have it or not right away, the D600's problem may not show up for months.  My brother bought one Christmas time.  He doesn't follow the forums so he had no idea there was any issue. I was talking to him last week and asked him how the D600 was. Said last week he started noticing some spots in his images.  That's four months after purchase, so too late to take advantage of any return policy.  For anyone that doesn't mind cleaning sensors, I guess no big deal, but I wouldn't want to be doing it because of a manufacturers defect.

So for me, any FF except D600

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