Fuji X Pro 1, Oly OMD 5 ... time to leave Canon?

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Re: Fuji X Pro 1, Oly OMD 5 ... time to leave Canon?

I'm of a similar age and physical condition and have just recently given up on my Canon 5D and "L" lenses. Found myself trying to decide which single lens would work best for where I was going and then leave everything else at home or in the vehicle.

My wife got the OMD and the Olympic 14-150 zoom. Coupled with the OMD's multiplier (kind of a built in tele-converter) she gets (in 35mm terms) the equivalence of 28mm to 600mm coverage in one lens. She loves it. She also has small hands. Since we live together (smile) I got a chance to handle the OMD after giving up the Canon FF. I found it was just too small for my large and sometimes stiff fingers. I had always been an admirer of the Leica and liked the idea of a nearly mechanical, digital camera (M9). I just couldn't afford it or the lenses.

Enter the Fuji cameras. In my case the X-E1, a sort of rangefinder with controls I can reach and feel and a quality of build I could afford. My goal is pretty much the same as yours. I have the 35/1.4 now and will soon acquire the 55-200. Next year I'll get the 10-24 and be done with it. I carry a Maxpedition Good-to-Go bag all the time now and with a little adjustment I can get which ever lenses aren't on the camera in there. I won't need a camera bag and I'll have as much focal length coverage as I did with the Canon DSLR system at less than half the weight and even less bulk. I'm mostly a nature/landscape picture taker and I can't imagine needing more than this.

Hope my experience will be of some help, or at least give you some more to think about. Good luck with your decision.


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