Happily switched from Aperture to Lightroom?

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Re: UNHappily switched from Aperture to Lightroom?

fyngyrz wrote:

I switched because Apple dropped support for camera RAW in OSX 10.6.8 -- Wouldn't even have considered it otherwise. 10.6.8 is where I'm staying, the last upgrade was a huge PITA (for me, your milage will almost certainly differ) and I don't plan to go through that again. If Apple comes with a new Mac Pro, I'll probably buy one and move to the latest OSX at that time, and I'll probably move right back to Aperture, too.

Lightroom's image management is simpler; you might like it, or not. But Aperture's image operators are more powerful and more consistently organized than Lightroom's. For instance, you can adjust contrast and brightness in Lightroom, but you can't switch that module on and off. But you can with the noise reduction module. Why? Who knows? It's just... inconsistent. With Aperture, you can turn it all on and off, feature by feature. Excellent for before after comparisons... did that really improve the image, or are you fooling yourself? You *can* switch everything on and off, but that's not the same thing at all.

I take it you have not used Lightroom since version 3 as it no longer has a 'brightness' setting. It has a 'whites' setting. You can't turn 'contrast' and 'whites' off because they are basic settings that you need to at least look at every time. They are also not separate as they come under other basic settings. Noise reduction though also comes under the same section as input sharpening, so if your going to look at sharpening each time which you should at least do you will have noise reduction open at the same time anyway.

One thing, though: Lightroom's noise reduction beats Aperture's hands down. If you're a user of, for example, Noise Ninja or DFine, that won't matter. But if you want it as a basic feature, Aperture's noise reduction is ultra lame.

Aperture's lift and stamp is a bit better than the equivalent functionality in Lightroom as well.

But for me... Lightroom can read my 6D images, and Aperture, under 10.6.8, cannot. So Lightroom it is. For me.

If you're running the latest OSX, then odds are excellent you'd find Aperture a stronger toolkit. Especially with a few plugins added. Noise reduction (cough.)

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