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Re: latest and greatest, sometimes....

GeorgianBay1939 wrote:

I am laughing too!

What a strange thread! 

Commentary about "others" who don't spend their hard-earned cash the way "I" would??? ....  Along with some self - exposed mea culpas!... which are more fun.

I am always on the horns of the Shakespearian dilemma:  to spend or not to spend.

On one hand:  Money is certainly valueless unless spent.

On the other hand:  Save some cash for something of value that you REALLY need/want.

Balancing on this razor has led to some bizarre behaviour in my life.

I have a barn full of (8) AMC Eagles (six are operating, four are tagged/road insured) .... why?  Because they are the best cars that I know how to fix.  And they are very reliable on long difficult road trips across the continent.

1984 AMC Eagle on Kootenay Pass BC, Canada.  Lumix LZ 2

Just like a high-end reliable camera that will work in challenging circumstances.  (I also have a F-150 to run around in.)  I am not interested in modern (unfixable) vehicles.

Over the last 10 years I've gone through at least 6 cameras.  A fuji lasted a few months until I left it on the dashboard of the hot interior of an Eagle  --- which broke its LCD.  I then went through about 4  wonderful Lumix compact cameras.  As I got more and more particular I upgraded to be able to keep pushing the limits of each camera.  Then I got a GF1, and soon upgraded to a GH2 because in my frail old age I needed a better grip and EVF.

Although I keep track of what is happening in the mirrorless system cameras, I don't lust after a NEX, or D-M5 or GH3 or any other MILC .   But when my current mistress starts to fail me I will certainly be looking across the fence. (D-M7  or GH 5?)

In the meantime I will divert as much cash as possible from my (4) kids inheritances towards my various competing passions.

I see that it is 6:01:xx PM here.  Raining hard.  Maybe time to open a fine old vine California Zinfandel to breathe before prepping some dinner.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.


Good yarn!

I 'm still using an E3 but have been on this forum learning what I should upgrade to... my first mirrorless! I have just bought a G5 and twin lenses for my daughter who is just getting into photography so will have a good look at that before I buy something for myself, my upgrading seems to be pretty slow deciding which one and than pretty slow changing again... so if I decide OMD or GH3 it won't probably happen again for another 5 years, right now I want to hear what the EP5 and G6 promises before pulling the trigger.

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Peter from Norfolk Is.

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