What happened to micro 4/3 pricing?

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Re: no "Gillette model" in the camera business

Sunny Caribe wrote:

Here you go...


And upon rereading the article my recollection was close (but imperfect).  They were a bit nuanced, referring to GX and GF bodies and  “affordable priced lenses to lead additional purchases.“  That does not scream "Gillette model" but it does suggest the wisdom behind virtually giving camera bodies away leading up to a product launch as these manufacturers so often do.  Every time it happens discussions such as these arise worrying about the poor judgement of benighted camera manufacturers.  I rather think that it takes a very shrewd team to break into this game and they (Panasonic and to a much lesser extent Olymypus) both know their market exceedingly well and waste no moves in providing value and extracting revenue.

I suggested this is what was happening about 18 months in some comments on 43rumors, the likes if Thom Hogan et all ridiculed my thinking...

living life to the Four Thirds!

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