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Re: The One Real Concern Mentioned....

Andrewteee wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Andrewteee wrote:

jimr wrote:

"Our early impressions of the image quality are that the JPEG engine is not doing as well as Nikon's in terms of getting the sensor's capability into a JPEG. We'll be testing the two cameras side-by-side in the coming weeks."

from Dpreview

I never shoot JPG except with cheap P&Ss. I always need and use the latitude of RAW.

No argument Andrew,

This is a valid user's choice.  But the way the words were being thrown about I think some new and potentially new users of the GR were getting the impression that the Ricoh jpg files captured were useless.  They are not, they are as good as any other jpg files in my opinion.

Because some choose to only use RAW files because of the extra latitude allowed is no problem, but implying that all users must use RAW (or presumably risk disaster) is not necessary.

Tom, that is true. For JPG shooters, most any camera today will do a fine job. But I simply do not believe a camera should be judged by its JPG engine, at least one like the GR.

I think we 100% agree, I just wished to make clear that for those that wanted to use jpg the modern Rioch cameras are in no worse position than they might be by using any other camera of this age that produce jpg files. I think some of our new friends were becoming disturbed by the message that seemed to indicate that the Ricoh jpg files were so bad that you HAD to use RAW to compensate.

RAW to me helps make a great capture greater and also can be used to rescue a camera settings error at capture time.  However for me and many others a good jpg image is good enough for "a purpose".  Those that with to use RAW exclusively - "no problem" in my book.

This is why I still laboriously capture raw+jpg as I hardly know in advance whether I really need that raw file or the jpg alone will serve the purpose with no pp effort needed.

I am very interested in the ability to pp raw in-camera.  This might be a more interesting activity to while away the spare moments in a cafe or on a bench in the park than texting on a mobile phone simply to be "doing something".  With any luck our raw files can be safely processed before they are even downloaded off camera - or do we all not trust Ricoh's internal engine as good enough to process the dng files into a reasonable jpg viewing standard?  Surely with the user directing the engine it can be done?

Myself I would really like to see Mode2 focus peaking converted to a visual effect that can be applied to images in pp.  Not for every time but it might be an interesting look.  But that is another story.

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