What happened to micro 4/3 pricing?

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Re: What happened to micro 4/3 pricing?

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Hello from the Canon DSLR forums. I don't venture over here very much.

I was just looking at prices of micro four thirds cameras, and I was shocked to see that you can get a Panny GX1 body for merely $275. That's insane! A lowly Canon S110 costs more than that (granted there is a lens). Meanwhile I see that the GH3 is at $1299. Is it really worth $1,000 more?

What has happened to the pricing of micro four thirds over the years? It seems the high end models still command premium pricing while the mid-level models have dropped in price drastically. I remember the GX1 was priced at $699 for body alone when it came out. Now its just 40% of that initial price. I wish that happened with DSLRs.

What has happened to the market?

Over enthusiastic sales forecast. Production outstripped demand and with newer models being iterated rapidly they have to heavily discount older models in order to try and shift inventory. Its not just Panasonic though. The same is happening with other camera manufacturers. I don't know about Canon but there are Nikon DSLRs selling at 40% or more below there original price. In years gone by models would typically drop in price by around 20% over the product (sales) life.

So although the GX1 is no longer cutting edge it certainly looks to be a bargain if you looking for that type of camera.



A lot of conjecture there...OK I'll add mine seeing as mirror less cameras are relatively cheap to make, Panny and Oly aren't spending a fortune on marketing, they have now recouped a large portion of their development costs but mainly because they are in a "land grab" for market share

living life to the Four Thirds!

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