Lens storage. How do you keep yours?

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Re: Lens storage. How do you keep yours?

dpyy wrote:

It's actually really surprising to see you have such a huge collection of lens but no interest in getting more/better bodies!

Such as ... ?

My reasoning is very simple, I have no interest in obtaining Leica bodies, nor do any of the Fuji bodies peak my interest so far, in part because I don't understand the X-trans benefits in terms of post-edit flows yet, and in part because I am not too fond of the X100/RX1/RX100 offerings as a concept either.

Besides, about half the lenses are E- and A-mount lenses, so these are stuck to Sony bodies anyways. (I may consider a small SLT body at some time, we'll see).

The other half are legacy and RF lenses, and they work great on the Nex bodies - albeit with the 1.5x crop factor - I am still keeping the Nex-7 for fun, even though I tend to grab the Nex-6 most often now (except for the E20, that is stuck on the 5N nowadays).

With legacy lenses, the Nex-7 is great, except for RF lenses. With (Sony) AF lenses, I like the Nex-6 the most.

The Nex-7N does not interest me (yet), but the SpeedBooster (if for MF lenses) and a FF Nex would.

It is really not such a huge collection. I already had the SLR lenses from way back. I added some fast, WA RF lenses as I started with the Nex-5. Then, when the LA-EA2 came out, I picked up this adapter and a few (surprisingly inexpensive) A-mount lenses. (They were useful). The rest was just snatching up E-mount lenses as they became available.

Some favorite configurations, depending on day/venue:

  • Nex-7 with E24Z and E18200
  • Nex-6 with E35 and E1650P
  • Nex-5N with E20 (wo/ EVF)
  • Nex-5N with LA-EA2 and (any) A-mount lens (no need for EVF)
  • Nex-6 with RF lenses
  • Nex-7 with SLR lenses
  • E16+ECU1 on any Nex
  • EVF on Nex-5N in tilt mode (very different experience than Nex-6/7)
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