Need help deciding between the Sony NEX 6 or the Olympus OMD EM5?

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Re: a more civil thread in the other forum

DtEW wrote:

Sk8trguy wrote:

blue_skies wrote:

Sk8trguy wrote:

i just read through the duplicate thread in the other forum.  it is far more civil with no personal name calling and forum bashing.  the worst post was about how people will try to 'convert' you in that forum and to instead post here. so bash me all you want - but any prospective buyers can read through both threads and form their own opinions.

it is very nice to see so many posters list the pros of both cameras.  to them i say thanks for making these forums helpful.

That all depends on your bias - Nex users don't post in the m43 forum, but m43 users post in the Nex forum repeatedly.

i checked and dtew has numerous posts in the other forum.  in the one thread i looked at there were several other nex 'top posters'.  your comment is easily proven wrong.

And I invite everyone to actually find them..... and wonder why these people "contribute" the way that they do.

your first in this forum was

I'm tired of talking about the fanboy-ish nature of many m43ers, their insecurity that APS-C mirrorless competition will make them irrelevant, which then manifests as relentless politicking against other systems.

i am very hard pressed to wonder why you 'contribute' the way you and a few others here do.  there are so many great nex posters who offer so much and that we can learn from.  this hand full of posters who attack -without proof - any forum, person or comment they don't like give us all a bad name.

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