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Tan68 wrote:

Cane wrote:

... Good luck wearing a pair of jeans not from the 80's with either of these at their sizes.  ...

What does this mean?

I take it to mean that neither camera is likely to fit in the pocket of jeans made since the 80's.  That a person in 1980's jeans would be able to stuff one of these cameras in...?

I think it would be the opposite..  I think someone sporting the latest designs would be more likely to get one of these cameras in a pocket.

1980-style jeans had smaller pockets that were higher on the butt.  The pocket was not so deep and didn't extend so far down the rump.  It was possible to put a small wallet in the pocket, sit down, and have the wallet behind you rather than under your leg..  This was all when it was pretty cool to have a fanny.

These comments are for guy jeans.  The low cut, hip-hugger girl jeans are a little different.  Are you talking about those?  Still, you would have made it through the 90's before that change happened.

Do you think pockets on pants are smaller, now?

Bums are now bigger.

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