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deckhanddavy wrote:

Yeah, I agree. I had the original GRD as well (have), and the color jpgs were fairly unusable. Color rendition was not it's forte. But, the BW's were amazing. That is what I primarily used it for. I'm guessing jpgs out of camera were greatly improved with the last model.

The GRDIII was a huge re-working of the GRDII just as much as the GR is a substantial change to the GRDIV, but the change from GRDIV to GR was comparatively minor compared to the upgraded model that was the GRDIII. If you are still judging the GRD by the original camera then things surely have changed.  Also, by the way, the fact that the very simple and eons old GRD is still being, and can be, used is a tribute in itself.

It is hard to judge the jpg quality of any current camera by referring to the standards of any camera that was sold at the time when the GRD was king.  Incidentally the GRD was one of the few compact cameras that even offered RAW as an option back then, even if it was almost unusable because it's recording time was sooo-oh slow. At least Ricoh provided it for those who really needed to always do RAW.  That guy over there standing around with a patient but pained expression is not feeling constipated - he is merely waiting for his RAW capture to be recorded.  (Grin)  Meanwhile the RAW file record speeds from the GRDIII onwards were fast enough to record RAW+jpg and no need to feel particularly patient.

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