Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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kutkun wrote:

dradam wrote:

I don't see how the shut-down option is any more or less tedious in the past.

Windows 7: Move mouse to lower left corner of the screen > CLICK the Start Menu > Move mouse to shutdown options > CLICK to shut down OR CLICK drop down menu > CLICK for Restart or Sleep (2 mouse motions, 2-3 clicks)

Windows 8: Move mouse to lower right corner of the screen > Move mouse to Settings charm > CLICK Settings charm > Move mouse to power icon > CLICK power icon > CLICK for Shutdown, Restart, or Sleep  (3 mouse motions, 3 clicks)

Is it really that much more difficult?

yes, it is.

2 clicks are more than enough for shutting a system down.

it should also be noted that when you shut down win8, you actually "hibernate" it. you have to go to control panel and do some stuff to just be able to shut your system down.

i don't want to do some settings to be able to shut down my computer. why does microsoft change the meaning of the expression "shut down"?

why don't they do this by clicking on a button named "hibernate"?

maybe because actual shut down time of win8 is not shorter than win7 and this is not a good advertisement. especially considering tha fact that there is almost no innovation in win8 compared to win7.

what's new in win8?

  • you actually hibernate while trying to shut down
  • you exhaust your mouse buttons to "hibernate" your system
  • you constantly move your hands between keyboard and mouse to open an application or document (you have to type the name of the program or file).
  • a "giant thing" appears when you open start menu
  • that giant thing distracts you from your current work ie an office document.

this is why i don't use win8. i wouldn't use it if they had given it for free of charge.

Yup, and you will now surely go through a new mouse every couple weeks because of all the shutting down you do and all the extra clicking involved.

They changed it because it is functionally better for a large majority of their user base.  Very few people would see the need to distinguish between a full shutdown and a hybrid hibernation in their day to day lives.  But, since you are so worried, HERE  is an article on how to add a shortcut right to your desktop to perform a full shutdown.  You'll still either have to double click it (back to 2 clicks, at least) or you can pin it to your awful horrible start screen, which will then only require one click.

What are you doing in an Office document that you would need the Start Screen for?

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