Need help deciding between the Sony NEX 6 or the Olympus OMD EM5?

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Re: Problem with lens?

Jorginho wrote:

Listen, these arguments have been done between so many time and time again. Let's say I think the NEX system is okey and those who buy and enjoy their cam etc: have fun. These are tools for our hobby and to me hardware, while interesting, is not a hobby in itself.  Have fun with whatevr you use.

I agree, but I have to trot them out when somebody makes a version of the opposing argument.  I mean, you've been on these forums long enough and I trust you to know both sides of the story.  In a way, the response isn't for you, but rather is here as a counter-balance for the OP and other third-party readers.

I'm sure you've seen enough of my participation in your forums to know what I generally do and don't do.  I try to be a positive contributor, but I have an extremely dim view of low-level politicking and misinformation.  And that has to be fought with fire.

(Your posts rarely, if ever, falls in the "have to be fought with fire" category here and in m43-land.  Hence this talk.)

To the OP: this is not life or death. You'll probably be more than happy with whatever you'll buy when you chose between these two systems.


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