Which full frame Nikon body is safe to buy?

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All of them

regos wrote:

I have been following all the posts for the last few weeks dealing with the D600 sensor oil/dirt issues, and D800 AF issues as well as oil issues , because I recently decided to get a full frame Nikon, in order to take advantage of my legacy Nikkor lenses in their native focal lenghts and get full frame quality.

I have a D7000 now, which somehow I have never been thrilled with, and in fact, since getting a Fuji X-P1, which has noticably better IQ at all ISO levels, I rarely choose to use the D7k, unless I need flash or telephoto. It also had the oil splatter issue, and I recently got it back from Nikon in LA, supposedly fixed. That remains to be seen, as I haven't used it enough yet to be able to verify.

In any case, I am now fully warned and have decided to not by a Nikon D600 at this time, or probably ever. What is left?  I'm equally afraid of buying a D800 or D800E. I don't need any projects, especially at these prices.

Which full frame Nikon body can I buy that has no known, serious, potentially deal breaking issues?

What you seem to be missing is the fact that a great many of us have perfectly functioning D600/D800's.  You only hear of the bad stories, because you probably just read on the internet like everyone else (I don't mean that as an insult).  Nobody takes the time to talk about their issue-free cameras because they're out shooting, or they don't care, so all you read about is the bad ones, which grossly exaggerates the perceived issue.

Buy whatever camera you want, and in the off chance it has an issue, exchange it for one that doesn't.  It's extremely simple.  You also have 1-2 years warranty depending where you live, and there are fixes for both "issues".

I personally now have three issue-free D600's purchased all at different times (thousands of frames taken with each), including one purchased on release day.  A friend of mine just got a D800 and it has no left AF issue.  A very large volume Camera store in my area has yet to have a single D600/D800 returned due to dust, oil, or AF issues (I am personal friends with some of the employees so I get the inside scoop).

The issues exist, no question, and I am not trying to brush off those with problems, but not likely anywhere near the degree what reading on DPreview would have you believe.  Keep in mind most people will take the time to talk about how unhappy they are, while probably only 1% of people will bother to talk about how they are happy with their purchases.

Buy whatever camera you want - it will probably be issue free.  If you get unlucky, simply exchange it.  I think you are over thinking this.  Whoever warned you never to buy a D600 or D800 "ever" is totally out to lunch.

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