Need help deciding between the Sony NEX 6 or the Olympus OMD EM5?

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Re: Problem with lens?

DtEW wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

Personally, I'm tired of talking about the fanboy-ish nature of many m43ers, their insecurity that APS-C mirrorless competition will make them irrelevant, which then manifests as relentless politicking against other systems (particularly the price-competitive NEXs)... and this now-perpetuated Big Lie that 1) m43 lenses are all great, 2) the NEX lenses all suck, and 3) and there are lots of m43 lenses while there are no NEX lenses.
I think the proof lies in the pudding.

You can look for yourself and see what looks better.  Or conclude that there is no significant difference whatsoever.

Insecurity? Whichever fanboy told you that, which m43 user told you that he/she was "insecure"?The system is doing fine.

I think the nature of insecurity is that even though it is obvious to most outside observers, the sufferer will never admit to it, and deny it vehemently.

I never came across the hyperbole about lenses

I think the OP, having no experience with either system, does an excellent job echoing the opinions he's learned in m43-land.  Because that opinion certainly didn't come from here, nor from facts:

Of course, you can do this for Adorama (or any big photo retailer) as well.  If you want to limit it to first-party lenses (for whatever odd reason, given the excellence of some third-party lenses), there are Wikipedia articles:

(Take care to notice that the m43 article puts the third-party lenses in with the first-party ones. Probably just an artifact of different article writers, but something to notice if you're counting lenses.)

Are there more m43 lenses?  Sure.  In m43-land, two brands are building lenses for each of their cameras with a roughly 1.5-year head start.  There better be more total m43 lenses.

Is Sony slow to introduce new lenses?  Given m43's head start and the fact that two companies are making lenses for their own cameras, Sony is actually introducing lenses faster than either m43 first-party company.

As for quality?  There are numerous threads here about lenses and the insistence for uncorrected (no distortion nor CA correction) 100% crops and the providing of those.  This is something I have never seen in m43 land (perhaps you can direct me to some)?  Just insistence about the greatness of m43 lenses and endless threads about "equivalence" between slightly-unhinged individuals. 

But frankly, pixel-peeping is moot gear-sturbation.  The proof lies in the pudding... er, photos.  Which is my entire point in with the Flickr links in my post you quoted... but didn't address.

Listen, these arguments have been done between so many time and time again. Let's say I think the NEX system is okey and those who buy and enjoy their cam etc: have fun. These are tools for our hobby and to me hardware, while interesting, is not a hobby in itself.  Have fun with whatevr you use.

To the OP: this is not life or death. You'll probably be more than happy with whatever you'll buy when you chose between these two systems.

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