X-E1 vs K-5 II

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Re: X-E1 vs K-5 II

unotisto wrote:

Hello, forum! I posted this on Pentaxforums, and want to hear the opinions here.

My camera quest has almost come to an end. (To the Mega End Boss?) I'd sincerely like to hear your opinion on these cameras, since I'll only be buying one, but waiting for "the next model" isn't an option since I'll just be waiting for something I can't afford.

What I think now, and with regard to my needs:
Both have that Sony Sweet Sixteen
Both can be used with manual lenses
Both feel like they're molded to fit my hands

K-5 II (1200€ with 18-135)

+Overall better AF
+Can be comfortably used with any compatible lens
+Is WR, plus the 18-135
+Has SR
+ISO goes to 51k. I don't care if it "isn't usable", if it has the setting I'll use it.

-Slightly larger
-For me, slightly awkward to use VF, as with any SLR

X-E1 (1350€ with 35/1.4)

+EVF, which WRT my -3,25/-3,5 eyes is better
+Less flange distance, can use more lenses
+Cleaner high ISO
+Sharper files, but problems with RAW converters
+Dat 35mm lens

-Only goes to ISO 6400
-RAW conversion problems (fixed?)
-Bye bye birding and wildlife
-Dodgy low light AF (fixed? how much?)

What exactly is your question?

So the Fuji has a Sony sensor now??

Bye, bye birding suggests that you do this kind of stuff, then the Fuji is not for you. Must say that I don't quite understand the logic behind the pros and cons of your little list ... e.g. Pentax goes up to 51K ISO so better but Fuji has cleaner high ISO?? Pentax 18-13 with SLR body slightly larger??

Let's just say it's possibly just me who can't come to grips with your statement/question/list ...


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