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Re: latest and greatest, sometimes....

Jere Landis wrote:

How many use their heads and their pencils to upgrade their cameras without breaking the bank. Ever notice all the hype on new camera improvements, really exciting! There's better stabilization, more pixels, improved and faster processors coming along every whip stitch. But, this doesn't translate into images that are THAT MUCH BETTER. In other words, is a $1000. upgrade going to produce files that much better, no it isn't. Look at the Olympus EPL1, still popular, and there are many others like it. All we have to do, is use what we have until the prices on some of these great cameras drop to unheard of low prices. An upgrade is an upgrade, if we are a generation OR TWO behind, who cares, I certainly don't. This is a wonderful time to enjoy fine equipment, without going broke to do it.

The cost of my photography hobby pales into insignificance compared to my MHMGR problem, translation = Must Have More Garden Railway. That is the sure way to burn $$$, but they hold value fairly well so when I fall off the twig the descendants will have some trains to play with or to sell and waste on useless items like clothes and food.

Anyway, back to cameras. Upgrade from E-PL1 to E-PL5 was rather magic, not for the improved image quality but for the nicer operation. It was the first time I've actually bought a camera fairly near to release, usually wait until new models announced and buy old models on price decline.

Always though there will be lens acquisition happening as my habit from film days is to pack the bag differently for each time out the door, equipment selected to suit the occasion. Need a mess of lenses to make life easy, never carry them all of course, maybe two or three at a time.

Must sift and sort my now little used photo gear (4/3 lenses particularly) and see if I can get some dollars - to go towards another E-PL5 body when they start dropping in price. A bad experience with one of my E-PL1 bodies (unfixable intermittent button problems) taught me to always travel with two bodies.

Just like cars, when a new camera is released we suddenly learn about the faults of the previous model, so the best time to buy is then to get the outgoing model, if it has the features  and quality that suits your shooting method and tastes. Usually about 3 models apart there are enough significant changes to consider an upgrade. I'll settle down now with the E-PL5 and wait for news of working global shutters as my possible next upgrade.

My now unused E-PL1 and E-P3 will go on the Aussie GumTree sales site so someone can pick up a real bargain with two very nice clean cameras. This will break my usual habit of keeping everything forever.

As for the cost of my camera habit, it is easily paid for over the years by my retirement hobby project of occasionally making print display stands for Aussie camera clubs. The model train habit is coming directly out of the kids' inheritance.

Regards...... Guy

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