Here's my plan for 5D Mark III - does it make sense?

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Re: Choice of flash does not make sense

lordbeau wrote:

But they will work together the old-fashioned way...?

Yes, a 600ex-rt will still trigger a 430ex the old-fashioned way (optically), but then why pay more for it if you're not going to use the radio transmitter feature?

You can't combine triggering methods, you have to choose one or the other. An ST-E3 transmitter will not be able to trigger a 430ex at all. An ST-E2 will be able to trigger both of them, but only optically so why not just get a 580EX2 for much less money?

That's why I said earlier that you'd be better of either going with 2 600's (which you would then get an ST-E3 later on to trigger them remotely if you wish) or to just get a 580ex to work as an optical master and a 430ex to work as the optical slave (and getting an ST-E2 later to trigger remotely).

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