How to light black metal objects?

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Re: Strobist article

AlbertInFrance wrote:

Thing is, there was nothing wrong with the basic lighting, in terms of the modelling on the guy's face, for example, as far as I could see.

I wasn't suggesting that there was something wrong with the original lighting. I was illustrating how the lighting in an edited image can be made quite different from the original.

Whether it is right or wrong or better or worse depends (as I said before) on one's subjective tastes and on the use to which the image will be put. My main point is that lighting isn't necessarily baked into the original image; it can often be changed quite dramatically in post.

I was responding to your statement that "If it ain't lit right then all the PP in the world won't rescue it." I respectfully disagree with that statement.

EDIT: Maybe this will make the point more clearly. The top image definitely wasn't lit "right" for the client's purposes, because he needed a night shot and wasn't able to visit the property at night and do that. So he hired me to change it to a night shot. Clearly, what wasn't lit "right" could be rescued in post.

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