Need help deciding between the Sony NEX 6 or the Olympus OMD EM5?

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Re: Problem with lens?

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I'm looking at a lot of forums and websites and almost everyone is knocking the NEX system for their lenses. They all say that the lenses aren't great at all. Any merit to that statement? Cause I had been leaning towards the OMD EM5, but then I handled the NEX6 in store today and liked it, plus the fact that its a good $300-$400 cheaper doesn't hurt either But now with this possible lens issue, I'm not sure again lol

Personally, I'm tired of talking about the fanboy-ish nature of many m43ers, their insecurity that APS-C mirrorless competition will make them irrelevant, which then manifests as relentless politicking against other systems (particularly the price-competitive NEXs)... and this now-perpetuated Big Lie that 1) m43 lenses are all great, 2) the NEX lenses all suck, and 3) and there are lots of m43 lenses while there are no NEX lenses.

I think the proof lies in the pudding.

You can look for yourself and see what looks better.  Or conclude that there is no significant difference whatsoever.

dude you remind me of the ps3 forum - all talking smack and no substance - who is the fanboi?   the nex lens lineup was bad but is getting better - still long way to go.  fuji maybe a step ahead, micro43 is way ahead, and nikon 1 is a step behind.  live with it.

Depending on what I feel they have to contribute based on their knowledge, insight, and temperment, I may choose to ... or put-down.

I will talk smack to you because you're an !diot, and therefore undeserving of my time...

there are so many helpful posters in the nex forum who add knowledge to discussions and make it a worthwhile place.  please quit giving this forum this reputation of - if they don't like what you say they go after you personally rather than discuss.

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