how does the 16-50 PZ lens compare to the 18-55 kit lens on the NEX 5N specifically?

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Re: how does the 16-50 PZ lens compare to the 18-55 kit lens on the NEX 5N specifically?

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i have 1.02, is that the latest firmware? i did do an update.

its a tough call between prime or basically replacing an already OK lens with another possibly inferior one, but smaller... hmmmm, dilemma. Lol. Sitting on the fence is the easiest option at the moment

Am tempted by the Sigma 30mm prime, the only thing putting me off is the 2.8 aperture. I would really want to go to 1.8 if i am going prime. But the price is tempting, only 126chf here in switzerland.

Yes, but you also need to do the lens firmware update, 1.01. Unless yours is a NEX-6 in which case the camera and 1650 lens updates were already done in the factory, or by the supplier. (I don't know which.)

The latest firmware update was released in February 2013.  NEX 5N  with SEL1855, or SEL16  should have 1.02 camera firmware version and the 01 lens firmware version.   If you have NEX 5R with SEL1855 the camera should have the 1.01 firmware version and 02 lens firmware version.

You can only upgrade the SEL1855 firmware to 02 version, when the lens is mounted on NEX 5R.  But once you upgrade it, it will show as 02 version even when the lens is mounted on NEX 5N.  The lens upgrade to 02 has definitely sped up the autofocus on NEX 5R.

The lenses upgraded on 5 Feb 2013 to version 02 were:   SEL1855, 18200, 55210, 24F18Z, 30M35, 50F18.

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