Sigma 18-35 f1.8 for Pentax?

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Re: No Pentax support? It is wrong to support only a few platform!!

Jim in Hudson wrote:

temama wrote:

What happened to Microsoft and its IE browser only integration? Right, it was not accepted, and microsoft had to pay for it! And now it will have to give support for all web browser. That competition is not distorted.

Sigma's case, I think it is wrong to support only a few platform.

Microsoft, at that time, was judged as being in a monopoly position with operating systems and that's why they had settle.  There isn't a monopoly in cameras.

Does Apple have anything to do with the little monopolies?

Anyway, of course, these cases can't be compared directly with each other.

But perhaps you understood what I basicly meant?

Sigma has become more and more bigger factor in the cameraworld.

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