Why do older camera lenses have faster F-stops?

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Re: f1.8 equivalents...

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Allan Olesen wrote:

I was trying to help by showing you two that your endless "Yes, it will" / "No, it won't" fight could end much faster if you first tried to understand what the other party meant by "exposure".

The need of agreeing on definitions before discussing consequences or results is not a claim. It is just common sense.

Is you the other party?

Consider me party-less.

Then, as I asked, illustrate your point on exposure being affected by equivalence, not in sentences but with facts/numbers.

For that matter, if you work with a FF camera that has an APS-C mode, do you expect exposure loss when you select the crop mode? After all, you might have 200/2.8 lens in FF mode, which now functions as 300/4 in crop mode... at the cost of a stop in shutter speed for same exposure?

Or, do light meters require specifying "equivalence" for exposure?

You seem to be more interested in discussing than in reaching a result.

If you wanted to reach a result, you would follow my advice and make sure that you and your opponents use the same definition of the word "exposure".

I have nothing further to add, and I will ignore further attempts of making me part of a pointless dicussion.

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