Got my new D600 4 days ago, taken 200 shots and....Oil spots!

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Re: Don't Panic! Yet.

Robin Casady wrote:

My D800E had what were probably oil spots when new. For the first 1,000 shots I was mostly fooling around, trying all my lenses, and getting used to the camera, so I didn't bother cleaning it immediately. When I finally did a wet cleaning, that solved the problem. I'm up to around 6,000 shots and haven't needed to clean it yet.

I had a similar experience with my D700.

My point being that some initial oil spotting is normal for Nikon FX DSLR's lately. It does not have to mean you have a defective D600.

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Robin Casady
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Bertrand, I honestly think the worst, this is my second D600, the first one did quite well, 5oo shots before oil started spilling all over the place, I am seriosly p-ssed off!

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