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Re: A thrify tip: G5 with lens for $399

A new product appears, admidst lots of chatter and hype, and GAS victims go with the flow.  They are always churning products they barely have time to use, before a new product comes along.  Compusive obsessions notoriously cloud people's sense of judgment or perspective.

Yes, all those suckers who have bought GH3s and E-M5s! Idiots, all of us.

It must make savants like you despair, watching us ordinary folk waste our money on equipment we can neither appreciate or afford. Other people eh? What can you do about them? If only they would listen but you know what? They won't!

Take me, deluding myself that I enjoy using my GH3 in a way that I haven't enjoyed using a camera since my Hasselblads. Tonight I am going out to shoot night some pictures of my little hilltop village in the south of France.

I bet, when I come back, I will feel penitent. Guilty. A victim of chatter and hype. I blame society. We are all guilty. Except you, of course  

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