Nikon D600 issues, real or imagined

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Re: Nikon D600 issues, real or imagined

Fastidiousness...! Really! You must be joking!  A perect image file that needs almost NO post processing needs extensive spotting in PS CS6 with content aware fill... and this is a one lens camera... lens is never changed.  it's like saying Gee, the mirror only falls off sometimes ( Canon 5D ).

If this were a $200 P&S MAYBE...

cactusklaw5schel wrote:

This issue is real but it does not affect every D600 and it's implications depend on the level of fastidiousness of the photographer.If this makes you feel that you could not live with it then select elsewhere .Two thousand dollars is not an insignifant amount.You know yourself how much pixel peeping you do and how you often you modify images in PS,Aperture or Lightroom after exposure.Your decision and no one can make it for you.Best Alan

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