Nikon D600 issues, real or imagined

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The issue is real. Not isolated. Not yet seriously addressed by Nikon.

The D600 is a fantastic camera IF you get one that is usable.  Mine is not.

Do not listen to the FanBoys that say... "Man up... learn to clean your sensor!" This is good advise and will work with normal dust problems that ALL digital cameras will have.  The point here is that the D600's sensor contamination problem is NOT normal.

I can get  my D600's sensor almost pristine and 30 exposures later I have dust and oil on my sensor that is visible on all my images even with apertures as large as F5.6. If you examine a blank frame shot at F22... forgeddaboudit!

When shooting horizontally the sky or cloud area, especially the upper-left hand corner, needs extensive retouching... which is not easy even with PS CS6's content aware fill.  This does not seem to get better with use... although for some it has.  The question is what would you say if a car salesman told you that your new ride wouldn't work that well for the first 3,000 miles or so... but it would get better.... maybe.

Many have paid to ship their new cameras to Nikon warranty service multiple times to be cleaned... some have had major parts replaced only to have the problem reoccur... Out $50+ per shipment.

And still Nikon says nothing and continues to sell the D600.  This speaks volumes about how they view their customers.

Some lucky D600 owners have not had a problem....  Do you want to take the chance?

Just do a search on this forum... you will read all about it.

Now read user comments on the Canon 6D.... some isolated problems like any camera will have.... but you will find Canon service seems to be far more responsive to their customers than Nikon.

Pity.  The Dynamic Range of the D600 is unequaled. The colors fantastic!  The ergonomic though not perfect are good.... but without a clean sensor the camera is a useless $2,000 piece of junk.

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