Focus motors: In-body vs in-lens

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Re: Focus motors: In-body vs in-lens (AF-S, not micro motor here)

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

photoreddi wrote:

In the Nikon lenses brochure Nikon only say "extremely quiet, smooth and comfortable auto focusing"  - whatever that means!

It means what it says and it says what it means.

But what does "comfortable auto focussing" mean?

You should be old enough and wise enough to know that ad copy doesn't have to mean anything. All it has to do is make you comfortable enough with the idea of said product that you'll open your wallet and buy! Would anyone you know ever really walk a mile for a Camel? Was Wheaties really ever the breakfast of champions? Has anyone ever put a tiger in their tank? What does Heineken refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach. mean?

Many problems turn out to be a lack of intimate knowledge of complex modern camera equipment.

Not succinct. "Avoid problems. RTFM" hath pith.

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