Olympus E-PL5 or Panasonic Lumix G5

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Re: I have EPl5 and Gh2

Oke...my take.

1) IBIS is very usefull. Don't know if it is equal to EPL3 or not. it seems so. here is what dpreview says about it:

"With image stabilization enabled, our experience shows the E-PL3 capable of delivering up to three additional stops of acceptable image sharpness. In other words, with IS mode 1 active, we found we could reasonably expect to use a shutter speed three stops slower than the 1/effective focal length minimum and retain acceptable image sharpness."

here is what Robin Wong says about EPl5

"....The ideal wish for everyone would be having that awesome new 5 Axis IS, but after using this E-PL5 for the whole day and night shooting the wedding, frankly the 2 Axis IS was no slouch either. There was not that many instances I employed slower shutter speed, but when I did, I slowed it down to 1/25sec (shots at the balcony overlooking KL skyline) to capture more ambient light. NONE of my shots (I have a thousand over) came out blurred, and that was very impressive. Using the OM-D's 5-Axis IS would allow you to push the limit and go slower in the shutter speed, providing that extra insurance, but for most practical shooting and watching the rules of thumb for minimum shutter speed = 1/focal length, I believe the old 2 Axis IS on the E-PL5 does its job very well."

My experience too. Just tried the 45-200 mm Panny at 200 mm with 13 sec exposre on EPL5. With IBIS, without IBIs but with OIS...Ois fared a little worse! On the 100-300 mm at 300 mm, the story changes, now the IBIS is a little worse.

So while I will have to carry a EVF and that flash with me, you'll need a tripod to get each and every lens on the G5 stablized. If you have one.

Flash: never use it. Such built in flashes are as usefull as ISO 12800: only when there is no other way. I rather have the Nissin 466 with me. That is a proper flash.

EVF: during winter I don't need one as there is no sun, mostly snow and rain and clouds In the summer it is not very sunny either. So I can carry the cam with me all the time. Why?

Its volume speaks volumes: a mere 267 cm3. Versus G5 = 707 cm3. According to camerasize comparison. Seems quite big to me and I think they they used the protruding EvF as a basis, so in reality the difference is not that big. But it is quite notable.

Is there a reason why I should not use the 14-42 X lens on the EPL5? I don't think so. Is there a reason why I need that lens? For having this camera being really pocketable in one pocket, the 20 mm 1.7 is what you really need. it is smaller. And oh yea: it is stablized on the Oly. Nice.

And the EPl5 IQ simply is better and it is not the noise, that is not suich a big difference. it is the DR, the tonality and the colourdepth and you do not need to have superlarge prints to see it. that is for noise. You see it immediaately ever when the difference is there.

JPEGS is personal, but even GH3 is considered to be inferior to Oly's.

I don't know, but you come across asd a bit overzealous to me when addressing these points. To my mind, you underplay the Oly strenghts and you upplay so to speak the Panny strrengths and weaknesses.

I stick to my conclusion, I have EPl5 and GH2 so I think I talk out of experience with both cams (even though G5 is not identical to Gh2, it is very close in each and every way).

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