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Cataloging/Editing software

I'm a relative newbee for digital photography, recently having gone from film, and am searching for software to manage my burgeoning catalog of digital photos... over 60Gig already in less than a year.
I work in IS as a Database administrator.. and am thinking there must be a piece of software that efficiently does the parts of the "process" (listed below) I see as needed to manage my photos.
1.  Manager photo editing workflow .. NEF / RAW to final
2.  Provide searchable storage 
3.  Do backups to non-volatile media (DVD-DL) and keep track of same so I can scan and backup up what'e new .. rather than the whole catalog each time
4.  Provide access to the typical online photo posting sites for displaying photos when needed.
5.  Store it's data in a backup-able and easily searchable local database which has some ability to access cloud storage where needed.
I'm sure I'm missing some key characteristics I should be thinking of... and would appreciate any advise in this matter.
So far I've tried PICASA (backup process is way too buggy and editing part seems weak)

On the recommendation of one of the instructors (Nick Didlick) at the NIKON photography school I'm looking at Phase 1's Media Pro, but it seems to have issues of it's own, not the least of which is a lot of bad reviews.  
Any thoughts would be appreciated!
My camera - NikonD5100 
My computer... Win7 PC with various external HDD and several TB's of storage, along with the ability to burn DVD-DL .  
Thanks all!  Look forward to your thoughts...

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