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a view with some nuance

Jere Landis wrote:

How many use their heads and their pencils to upgrade their cameras without breaking the bank. Ever notice all the hype on new camera improvements, really exciting! There's better stabilization, more pixels, improved and faster processors coming along every whip stitch. But, this doesn't translate into images that are THAT MUCH BETTER. In other words, is a $1000. upgrade going to produce files that much better, no it isn't. Look at the Olympus EPL1, still popular, and there are many others like it. All we have to do, is use what we have until the prices on some of these great cameras drop to unheard of low prices. An upgrade is an upgrade, if we are a generation OR TWO behind, who cares, I certainly don't. This is a wonderful time to enjoy fine equipment, without going broke to do it.

I buy lenses once in a while but those are not upgrades but rather additions that allow me to do new stuff.

I buy new camera bodies when there is a need.

At one point I really needed a second body of roughly equal MP count.

At a next point I needed a third body to equip a second shooter for a job.

In those cases I do buy "latest" if I believe the improvements are significant enough.

By the time a major new Olympus camera (the hybrid?) will be not just announced but available, I believe my E-3 will be nearing its retirement shutter count.  I do shoot a huge amount of frames per year.

So I will drop that oldest model and get the new one, and continue the slow transition from FT to µFT.

Now it is two FT bodies with great Oly glass, and one µFT with a specialty lens.

At one point it will become two µFT bodies with good glass and one FT body to take a beating.

Luckily I can say that I have reached the point where what used to be just a hobby, is not yet making me extra income but is at least paying for itself.  If it were just a hobby and one that I don't do every day, then I would certainly be more conservative, and would be buying lenses only second-hand, and bodies probably one model behind the development-curve.

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