What happened to micro 4/3 pricing?

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Re: What happened to micro 4/3 pricing?

The A-Team wrote:

What has happened to the pricing of micro four thirds over the years? It seems the high end models still command premium pricing while the mid-level models have dropped in price drastically. I remember the GX1 was priced at $699 for body alone when it came out. Now its just 40% of that initial price. I wish that happened with DSLRs.

I don't see this as too different from the Canon world.  The low-end Rebels get blown out when they are discontinued too.  Last year I remember the T3i selling with the kit lens and the 55-250mm for $600 at B&H after the T4i was announced.  This was down from its launch price of almost $900 for just the body and kit lens a year earlier.  Nikon is the same way with their D3X00 and D5X00 cameras.

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