Metabones Speed Booster for Pentax K lenses?

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How soon!?

cyberstudio wrote:

We were wondering if Pentax users want a more affordable, quicker-to-market product without an integral aperture ring,

How soon is schedule of "quicker-to-market product" ?

or a slightly more expensive product with an integral aperture ring which would take longer to ship.

The Nikon F product is behind schedule because G lens without aperture ring is important to support but it takes time to implement it right.

Before you say some Chinese adapter sold on eBay already do that so it must be simple to do, well, knowing those folks at Metabones all too well, they are not going to take shortcuts. It is either a real aperture ring, with real markings that accurately sets the aperture, or no aperture ring at all. A feature is not merely a check mark "yes, it's supported", but it has to be practical and usable out in the field. Doing the real usable aperture ring is not easy, and it takes time. (And the reason why Nikon F/G is behind schedule.)

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