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Re: 55-300 Sony

alisaad619 wrote:

123Mike wrote:

It very well may be that the 55-200 produces much nicer results than the 18-135 at overlapping range. I'm struggling with this myself. I want to sell this lens too, but I can't do it, because it's one of my best lenses. It really is tack sharp.

same feeling , on the up-side I'll like the flexibility and new SAM-II quite AF motor but on the down side I like the extra 135-200mm (that I'll lose with the 18-135) and most likely the 55-200 will not get me a good price (not even 30% of 18-135 cost)

I don't I have not decided ( I have maybe 1 month untill my friend buy his A58 ((that I'll buy the 18-135mm with it )) )

What is making you want 18-135mm ?

I don't want the 18-135. At all. I have the Tamron 17-50 f2.8 which provides really good quality on the short end. The 55-200 compliments this well, but it's not very long.

Theoretically, I might be happy selling all my lenses, except the 17-50 and 55-200 and maybe the old Tamron 28-300 (first gen) I have.

But then, I have this beercan which is nice for bokeh and it's a bright lens. But the 55-200 is also brighter than usual. It stays at f4.5 for quite a while before stopping down!

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