B&H HOT deal on NX300

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Re: B&H HOT deal on NX300

I'm relatively new to SLRs so would love some advice on this.

In the B&H links you sent, it looks like if you order the 18-55 OIS lens kit, you can only get the deal with the (old) 50-200 lens.

If you order the 20-50 lens kit, then you can get the deal with any of the many lenses on the list (including the 3d lens).

I mainly plan to use the camera for landscape pictures, pictures of friends and family, stuff like that. I don't envision much sports photography nor much super-zoom photography (though the ability to do so when I need to would be nice I guess). Plus I'd like to be able to hike all day with the camera (one reason I'm choosing the mirrorless camera in the first place).

So my questions to you all:

Do I really need a 50-200 lens to start out with? I was planning to get the NX300 body, either of the 18-55 or 20-50 lens, and the 45 mm 3D lens. Which of the 18-55 or 20-50 lens would you suggest? Based on the reviews people have written so far here it seems people like the 18-55 lens with OIS better, and it seems to focus faster. I for sure want the 3D lens.

Based on the current deals, getting the body + 18-55 OIS + 45 mm 3D would be $1198, but the body + 20-50 + 45 mm 3D would be $997. I just want to know if everyone out there with more experience thinks that getting the 18-55 OIS lens is worth $200 more than the 20-50 non OIS lens!

I appreciate the input! Thanks.

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