Canon 6D white curtain phenomenon

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Your problem is the exposure times you use.

Steebee wrote:

The last images was made in a very small location and i am the ONLY person with a camera. No one else there shoot pics. On stage are no white lamps, or strobes or flashes. I make 4 pics in a row and you see the white line wandering through the image. I post it in a pro forum in germany ( and many guys there say, its a shutter-lag issue.

They are wrong (and apparently do not know what shutter lag means, or you translated it in an odd way). Your problem is the short exposure times you are using. Any other sample of 6D or other DSLR will give you the same problems.

The DSLRs will only have a small slit of the sensor exposed at one time with the exposure times you are using, and then any short flash/strobe will partially over expose just a slit like you are seeing. The strobe is so short that maybe you did not notice it while you were photographing.

Just do two things: Go outside now and set the camera to the same exposure times. You will not get a light band on these photos. This tells you the shutter assembly is fine, and it tells you that no short ultra bright flashes of light are outside your home.

The 2nd thing to do: at venues like those, keep your shutter speed at around the max. sync speed of the camera flash. This will ensure that no other light flashes will make your images has a lighter band across them. Of course, it will not prevent other flashes to over expose some of your images.

so i send the camera back to the seller. Thank You!

Will not help you, any other DSLR will give you the same "issue".

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