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Re: that is not what I meant

wayfarers wrote:

I am fully aware of level of customizability of Ricoh cameras. I consider it excellent, but not unique. Yes, I know that dial and rocker can be assigned to different functions, and selected values can be read from the rear LCD panel. Of course it works, but the point I was making is that for me this is not what gets me involved in the process of making photos, and gives me certain level of enjoyment from controlling the tool. I believe that my view is not be unique. As to the final results - of course in skillful hands the GR can produce excellent results, I never questioned that (and so can just about every other camera in this price bracket).

To illustrate (cameras used below are not relevant, this is to illustrate the concept, not to start: "brand A vs. brand B" discussion):

aleksanderpolo wrote:

There is a dial at the front and a rocker at the back for changing aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc.

You can read more about the level of control by physical button here, no manual diving needed once you assign the function you needed to physical button. And no, I don't think any camera in the price bracket allow this level of customizability


Most cameras above very basic simpleton level have variations of the PASM set up, whether knobs, wheels, aperture rings, or whatever. So one person's involved is not the same as another person's involved.  What I was meaning was the very deep level of customisation allows the involved user a great deal of scope to set the overall camera response to a highly individualised level of personal shooting needs.  Being involved in such a way makes a level of utility that actually requires less involvement in the particular regular use of the camera - much of the basic tinkering is already taken care of by the involved users precision setting up of modes.  eg: going from low ISO colour to high ISO contrasty B&W will not only be just a small twist of a dial but also be a special setting set by our more involved user and not just an off the peg scene mode.

Then the user gets further involved in the fine tuning with dials and knobs much in much the same way as you have shown and described.

Just clarifying what I mean, not disputing your argument in any way.

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