Which 27'' screen to buy

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Re: Which 27'' screen to buy

In full disclosure; I’m yet to really acquaint myself with all of the ‘color science’ involved in this business of these higher end monitors and applications that utilize them.  I’ve taken a stab at color profiles for my current monitor and using them in Photoshop, etc. but pretty far from having a working knowledge of using them to produce accurate prints to my printer even for my personal enjoyment – this is all a hobby for me.

I presume though that I might in the least have enough grasp of it to enjoy what a relatively entry level IPS would offer while working with these 14bit RAW files in Adobe Lightroom and my other ‘hobby’ interests with video editing, etc.

It concerns me that these entry level IPS monitors all seem to be ‘6 bit panels’ with some sort of emulation to simulate 8bit?  I’m unsure at my level if it’s a big deal or if it will be an actual improvement over my current relative cheapo 23” monitor enough to justify the price tag?

My current monitor is an Asus VS247H-P


I’m considering either another Asus; the PA248Q


Or the Dell U2412M


I see that a lot of others come to this same decision and that probably has lent to me looking at these two as well frankly.  The Dell seems like a super deal compared to its original retail price, but the Asus has the USB 3.0 hub built in which would be handy – I only have a single USB 3.0 port on the back of my box – that is if they are more or less equal in performance otherwise and I seem to see a dispute if the Asus might be a better panel?  Not E-IPS possibly?  Does it really matter?  Is it 8bit vs. the 6bit Dell? I’m not really seeing a definitive answer after looking.

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