Canon 6D white curtain phenomenon

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Re: Why not shutter

Mako2011 wrote:

Steebee wrote:

I have the problem with the white curtain. First only on some images, now more and more. I read this first in a forum, and now i got it too! Check your pictures, first I thought it was only light or other camera flashes, then I guess it sit a defective of the shutter. what do you think?


Look at the shadow on the back of his jacket. The secondary flash or light source is coming from your right and causing the mike stand, or such, to project the shadow. You can confirm by shooting at same shutter speeds in daylight as others suggest.

If you look at the other pics, there is a similar effect where the subject is lit from the opposite side in the overexposed section vs the normal section. That points to a light issue at those shutter speeds and not a shutter malfunction. May be a strobe in the room

Yep - my assessment too.

I guess the OP should know best what was happening in the room. But those images look much more like what you and others have described than a "shutter lag" issue.

Thing is, all the OP has to do, as suggested by others here, is to shoot some more shots at those settings and see how they turn out. If the shutter has an issue, then the images will show it. If not, then the lighting is to blame.

No need to send the camera away just yet - just do some more shots at the same settings in a different environment. The results will tell the story.

Perhaps the OP will post some more showing the problem outside in normal light? (I doubt it )

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