Nikon Coolpix A -vs- Canon Powershot G1X

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Re: Nikon Coolpix A -vs- Canon Powershot G1X

tomtom50 wrote:

TDyrkacz wrote:

Check the Ricoh GR preview. As pocketable as the A. 28mm f2.8 lens sharper in the corners. Good controls, $800. Initially it seems to beat the A

WOW how did I miss this? It seems like we have a compact camera revolution happening right now. This will also help to drive down the price of the nikon. Thank you for the recommendation. I will watch out for the review and comparisons to the A.

You didn't miss anything. It just came out. DPR gets advance samples and puts out their preview the same the day the camera is announced. If Nikon keeps price where they have it they will still sell  because Nikon is huge and in zillions of stores. But Ricoh has  super good reputation for fine equipment and will sell well among the knowledgeable.

I would think that these days people do a little research on such expensive purchases and if they search for any type of comparison they will find out about the ricoh. I'm sure there are people who just walk into a store and buy without researching, but I would think that is the minority. I think this camera could steal potential customers from both the Coolpix A as well as the rx100. Yes the rx100 has a zoom, but not everyone cares.

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