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wayfarers wrote:

I am fully aware of level of customizability of Ricoh cameras. I consider it excellent, but not unique. Yes, I know that dial and rocker can be assigned to different functions, and selected values can be read from the rear LCD panel. Of course it works, but the point I was making is that for me this is not what gets me involved in the process of making photos, and gives me certain level of enjoyment from controlling the tool. I believe that my view is not be unique. As to the final results - of course in skillful hands the GR can produce excellent results, I never questioned that (and so can just about every other camera in this price bracket).

To illustrate (cameras used below are not relevant, this is to illustrate the concept, not to start: "brand A vs. brand B" discussion):

While I agree with you that shooting with gear that you illustrated above will generally result in a more enjoyable shooting experience - as far as I know - there is no such (digital) gear that comes at a size near the GR.

Of course, if size were not an issue for you, then that's a different discussion altogether.

But for those of us who do like small cameras, I think what Ricoh have done with the digital GR series - with its snap focus and easy customizability - is the closest thing we've got yet.

Otherwise, the next best thing is perhaps a GXR M + the small Voigtlander primes ; next-up would likely be a Pentax DSLR + something like the DA21 Limited pancake.

One could perhaps argue for an X100s, or an XE1 plus the Fuji 18mm, or an m43rd body + the Panasonic 14mm or perhaps one of the Oly's with an etched DOF scale (12mm/17mm), but then, based on my own personal experience with an XE1, focus-by-wire is more fussy than just using Ricoh's snap focus.  YMMV of course.

For me, it's either I go with the bulk of a system with real mechanical focus and an etched DOF scale, or I'll go with the Ricoh and its customizability and its snap focus. I may perhaps give up something in the "shooting experience", but I do also 'gain' quite a bit in terms of bulk and size.

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