My Sony Nex 6 got stolen :(((

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Re: My Sony Nex 6 got stolen :(((

So sorry to hear of your experience. We were burgled and lost camera equipment some years ago. Fortunately most photos were backed up but I had some lovely photos taken that day that weren't. I've been paranoid about backing up the minute I'm home ever since.

I can sort of see the psychology behind switching to something new but for me the question would be was I happy with the stolen one. I replaced my camera with exactly the same model because like you I had spent time researching it and in the time I'd had it I found it met my expectations. I chose a different model of mobile phone because I'd had doubts I'd made the right choice with the one that was stolen. I ended up keeping the replacement until it became unreliable, so I think it was right to switch. If you didn't have any doubts before this one was stolen, I'd stick with the NEX rather than waste time learning a new one.

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