D800e Red Oversaturation

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Re: Don't Use the RGB Histogram when shooting

Stacey_K wrote:

TOF guy wrote:

marike6 wrote:

Have you tried keeping an eye on the RGB Histogram on your D800e when shooting? If you see the red channel is way to the right,

True if shooting JPEGs. Not necessarily true if shooting in RAW.

So much of this type of discussion assumes everyone shoots raw for everything.

That is largely because that's what the original post was about.

Some days I might shoot 50-75 pieces of flat art. I want to be able to shoot jpegs, do some simple edits and move on to the next one. I also need the color to match so I can't just shift the WB to save the red channel from being blown. Lowering overall saturation isn't a solution as the images then end up looking dull.

Batch processing Raw files is not that cumbersome.  You say you are concerned about getting the colors right; well, when you shoot in Raw and take a WB reference shot then you can get more accurate colors than what you can get from OOC JPEGs.

Anyway, if you get out of Standard or Vivid Picture Controls and experiment with some of the other Picture Controls you will probably find that tames the reds.  Also, as to your earlier point about applying negative EC to the metering, for JPEGs that might be exactly what is required and it often is even when there are no reds in the shot; my advice was about shooting in Raw and applying the negative EC to the conversion rather than to the exposure of the Raw file.

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