The (in)significance of resolution

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Laurence Matson
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This surprises me a bit

DMillier wrote:

I print direct from lightroom with output size set to 360 dpi. I have experimented with various settings but to be honest Ive never really seen anything make a significant difference.Those tweaky options seem so much raindancing to me. The one thing that definitely degrades print quality is partially blocked nozzles with the uneven printing that creates.  My guess would be that the messing about is much more important with big prints where the data is spread thin.

I will admit that the difference between prints with the maximum detail (or whatever it is called) checkbox on or off is minimal - but there imo. However, the difference between bi-directional and single direction is considerable, at least on all of the Epson printers I have owned.

Cleaning is self-understood. It not only degrades the quality of the droplets, it can shift color completely if the blockage is near the end of the ink line. I generally do a normal cleaning before starting a day, and power cleaning with tests if the printer has not been used for a couple of days. So let's consider that a constant.

In any case, I am quite surprised that you cannot see a difference, but the eyes have it.

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