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Re: Photos and followup comments

tesilab wrote:

teseg wrote:

tesilab wrote:

. The high grip is a little awkward with the shutter release (note I don't use the finger tip, due to the soft release). The low grip would practically require triggering the shutter with my thumb, which could actually work.

tesilab, I know your comments above are for a 1 handed grip, but how is that different than 2 handed?  Same issues?

First off, ultimately I don't think it is an issue. There is more than one way to hold it with this grip and I will settle into something comfortable--it just won't be the same as holding it without a grip, which had different issues.

If by two handed grip you simply mean adding the left hand for focusing, aperture adjustment, and stability: it would only make a difference if you were to rely on your left hand for primary support, and lighten up on the grip, which I frankly did not consider, since I think of the grip as something one uses to both grasp *and* shoot.

I don't think I'm taking it off my camera, unless I should be tempted by something both more practical and aesthetic.

Thanks tesilab.  So, to summarize all your comments (I think):

  • It looks great on the RX1
  • High quality
  • Very functional
  • Relatively small and light
  • Certainly adds to the ergonomics of the camera rather than not using
  • Fits well with your tripod
  • Does not quite "fit like a glove" relative to positioning your finger for the shutter release

And yes, I should not have said two-handed grip, rather  having the second hand in use for shooting, which adds further stabilization which allows you to not grip the grip so tightly vs. a use true 1 handed P&S style (which I would not think is common for this camera).

My comment was in response to your picture description that said "shooting 1 handed, the shutter release is a tad awkward", and then you went on to describe what I quoted of you above.

Anyway, still of great interest to me.

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