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wayfarers wrote:

I am fully aware of level of customizability of Ricoh cameras. I consider it excellent, but not unique. Yes, I know that dial and rocker can be assigned to different functions, and selected values can be read from the rear LCD panel. Of course it works, but the point I was making is that for me this is not what gets me involved in the process of making photos, and gives me certain level of enjoyment from controlling the tool. I believe that my view is not be unique. As to the final results - of course in skillful hands the GR can produce excellent results, I never questioned that (and so can just about every other camera in this price bracket).

To illustrate (cameras used below are not relevant, this is to illustrate the concept, not to start: "brand A vs. brand B" discussion):

While I agree with you that traditional external controls like these tend to get you involved in the process, they also have a major flaw as that you always need two hands to control the camera and also have to remove your finger from the shutter button to change some of them.

Where the GRD and GR controls excel is that you can hold the camera with one hand and have all the controls you need right there under your fingers without the need to change your hand position or use your other hand. So in a way this can be more engaging as you never need to take your eye away from the action to see what position your dials are at.

As much as I like using the GXR with M mount and all the controls on the lenses or the RD1 with only analogue controls, it's as engaging to use a GRD where I can work in a more fluid and fast way by utilizing the excellent digital controls.

As for unique, I believe Ricoh and Sony are the only two companies who have actually embraced the digital camera age and deliver excellent and unique ways to interact with a camera without resorting to old style controls which are not always an advantage. The controls you have shown above are not unique as they are old style analogue controls which have nothing really to offer on a digital camera since they work by wire so other than the looks are pretty pointless unless you use old legacy lenses where you actually controls the aperture and focus mechanically.

In the end it all depends on your preference and point of view if digital controls or old style analogue controls work better or are more engaging.

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