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OLED Viewfinder, Tethering, Auto ISO in M Mode, new 20MP sensor, longer battery life. Some features added or improved compared to A57. A58 is better in some ways and worse in some ways when it come to features, absolutely. But is the A58 worse off when it comes to image quality? Well...

...in my view the image quality from my A58 compares very well with images taken with a friends A57. The jpeg rendering in the A58 has improved to my liking as far as I can see. I have yet to do any RAW comparisons (I got my camera two days ago) but the comparisons I made earlier with test images posted on Imaging Resource shows clearly to me that A58 has a better sensor than the one in the A57.

(To all; Imaging Resource has test images so all those inclined to judge by themselves can jump over to http://www.imaging-resource.com/IMCOMP/COMPS01.HTM)

I have sold my A77 and will happily use my A58 for the time being. My 70-400G does not dislike the composite lens mount in any way.

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